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Comprehensive solutions

of maintenance and quality management
of hotel services

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Real-time communication translating into higher satisfaction of guests.

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Effective control of responsibility for entrusted tasks.

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Updating work statuses in real time and transparent reporting system.

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Quality control based on records of each reaction to assigned tasks.


SynHo as the exclusive distributor of SynergyMMS in Europe is a guarantee of synergy of satisfaction and success.

Synergy and synchronisation of all necessary processes which are crucial for each company offering hotel services is an absolute foundation for effective management oriented towards customer’s satisfaction and good financial results. SynergyMMS offered and serviced by SynHo will allow you to manage and control events in the hotel you administer in an easy and intuitive way.

Delegating tasks, checking statuses, and even preventive maintenance will enable you to solve most problems relating to such issues as understaffing. If you are in need of a system which will provide you with simple tools saving your time, reducing your stress, allowing you to take care of the efficiency of your staff, wherever you are, SynergyMMS offered by SynHo is exactly the solution you are looking for.





SynHo Ltd. is a young company with nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality market. For years now our staff successfully provide IT systems aimed to optimise costs, to increase effectiveness of human resources, and most of all to boost satisfaction of hotel guests during their stay in your hotel. SynergyMMS is a system which will help you achieve these goals. Thanks to this user-friendly system, available also in a mobile version and integrated with the telephone exchange, the staff’s reactions to requests of hotel guests or personnel are as short as possible, and the cost tracking option allows to optimise expenses in the long term.



When information is entered in SynergyMMS, the system will recognise who the task should be automatically sent to, based on the worker’s skills, availability, and their current workload. SynergyMMS also supports the sales of hotel rooms by means of their automatic daily distribution to individual workers of the Housekeeping Department, and thanks to the fact it is linked with the booking system in the reception, it ‘releases’ clean rooms ready to be sold, in real time. Housekeeping Department workers do not have to go from room to room in search of a room to be cleaned any longer – SynergyMMS PerfectRoom will ‘tell’ them exactly which room is next in order on the basis of statuses received from the hotel booking system.


Hotel guests do not have to wait for a room or for having their requests fulfilled. Thanks to the planned actions module, aiming to maintain the top level of quality and cleanliness, the risk of complaints from guests is reduced as they will most certainly will want to come back to a hotel with such high standards – and these are not all functions offered SynergyMMS. The system, already installed in 100 hotels in Europe and thousands of hotels globally, has been appreciated by the biggest hotel chains, and the price of ca. 1USD / room / month causes a quick and observable return on investment in SynergyMMS.




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